Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

A full two days after New Year, I've got to my resolutions for 2011, I'm telling you that my to-do is obsolete, but I end up doing things whenever I want to or more over when I can.

And without further ado, resolutions:

Be healthier and continue on my path of Green
I am totally doing a lot of green living. I really dove into trying to turn my household as Eco-Friendly as possible earlier in 2010, but my first ounce of trying some green things happened in 2008 when I became pregnant. But in 2010, I wanted to a LEAN MEAN GREEN MACHINE. As it turns out that a lot of the stuff I already was doing was green. I am cheap so I was already yelling "When you leave a room, turn off the light!" to my husband or "Really, David, do you need to keep the game and T.V. on while we eat, that's invisible money you're spending!" Sometimes he gets the picture other times my house is lit up like a Christmas tree in December. I recycle, I buy organic, and I now cloth diaper, my house is filled to the brim with energy-saving products from shower head to my heating system. I am ECO-Friendly. There are still things I can't do though paper towels: I have tried, I have fought, I have lost. As a Mom I can't leave without those babies but I do now buy them in smaller sheets and nature based if that helps. This year I want to get green in cleaning, I have tried this before but I didn't feel like going out and buying all new products, so I cleaned with water and vinegar for a little while, but I just kinda fell off. But in 2011, I will find something that works for me cleaning wise. Hayden has asthma so I am very close to the subject of cleaning products, the things they stuff in there, and the damage it can do.

Health wise, I complete fell off meal planning. I used to be very much on top of what my family put in them to fill their tummies, we still don't gobble junk we still eat very healthy but I used to know down to the vitamins and minerals that were received with each and every meal to ensure that Hayden was getting all the nutrients needed for his growing body. And Hayden never almost NEVER received juice, I instead decided that fresh fruit would be better and to hydrate him with mostly water and milk juice was something special. But he is guzzling juice on a two sippy cup biased, he wants his juice, throws tantrums if he doesn't get it and I am thrown as to why I let it get that bad. Hayden is a junk nut, prior to the Holidays my house almost never saw junk (I was dieting at the time.) I didn't buy it at the store, I sometimes would snack a chocolate bar in the check out line, but no junk. Then it was Halloween, I slowly dished out pieces every so often on whim, on praise for doing this, until my pregnant sister came over and finished his off, but I think that planted the seed. He likes the junky stuff, he still doesn't get on a regularly but I still don't like him acting like a drug fiend ever time he sees candy. So in 2011, I'm bringing healthy back.

My Candy-Addicted Son *No worries no toddlers were harmed, he has lo-carb Monster energy drink with an open and closure top so he drank none. I got off but not that far off on health*

Be more of ME
What I mean by that is I'm a Mom first and far most, I'm a wife but I am also Mia. But I have a hard time realizing that and/or incorporating the two. I'm either all in or all out. Sometimes I feel as if I have multiple personality disorder. I invest soOOOO much into Hayden, Mia drops off the face of the Earth and Wifey gets shoved in a corner somewhere. Once Hayden's taken care of, I usually fit in pockets of time with cleaning - The NEVER ending job - if that is done and if Hayden allows it I may get in some me time, and almost never once David comes home. It's not that I change per se, it's just that Mom, wife, and Mia need different things. Hayden needs protection, love, attention without too much attention, discipline, teaching, guidance, someone to chase him, laugh at his shenanigans, clap for him, and most of all me, me, me, me. Mia is totally self-sufficient unlike Hayden, but requires a combo balance of Hayden (she misses him dearly when he is not around to the point sometimes she can't function), solitude to do purses that make her happy, some other human being to talk to sometimes, and only 3 hours of sleep, and the wife needs to be Martha-Freaking-Stewart mixed with a sassy modern-day MacGyver or maybe only in her wildest dreams. No, the wife is the easiest actually but it adds on more work! The wife connects with David whether its watching a movie he puts on, talking him into doing something he really doesn't like, or deciding a week is sufficient to be mad at him for forgetting your energy drink when he comes home. There has to be some connect and time for the Husband amidst everything else and there is unfortunately only 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep for a few on them. But in 2011, it's all about me, me, me not really but I have decided to

Start a new hubby
One that is all for me. I have not decided what it will be yet because I really have interests all over the place but I'm hoping to buckle down and pick just one.

Get Hayden socialized Hayden is all alone with me all day, he doesn't usually play with other kids on a regularly. He has his cousins when David and I go see them and he does have a connection with my best friend's daughter, Autumn. I really want Hayden to get to know toddlers his own age, it will get us both out and maybe some playdates will happen. Hayden is not really shy anymore around kids, he Loves, loves kids, and will get right in there and try to play with anyone. It's part of his personality he is very friendly.

I am excited to be in a New Year but I just can't seem to get over that 2010 has left so quickly, now this time last year I really don't remember but from February on I do remember and it went so fast. I am hoping deep down and savior this year as this year Hayden will be 2, this age I hope to really have a nice time in that stage despite the looming legend: terrible 2's. Here's to the New Year 2011

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