Friday, December 31, 2010

The Things I was going to do

As humans, everyone has an ever-growing to-do list. But as a Mom you have the"ever-growing-to-do" list. Things get added to this list with the knowledge that a toddler is unpredictable, resulting in little things amongst the day that get added.

Things like the following are common. You have laundry to do, you also think of getting it folded and stored the same day (never happens for me), and the toddler descends upon your newly cleaned laundry, tossing it everywhere but the basket, giggling happily. To do: "put laundry in basket and place basket in a toddler safe zone. " Or you have the toddler help clean his/her room, put him down for a nap, stroll into the kitchen where bright red crayon is etched on your fridge displaying your toddler's stick figure scribble. This is the scribble that tots claim so matter of factly is a "flower" but it looks as if someone hired a drunk artist drew on your fridge. To do: "Clean fridge, put crayons in toddler safe container."

That stuff I have prepared for, what I never expected is the adult "why do you keep putting this off" to do list. Now this I seem to be a master at.

I was supposed to fold the laundry instead I sat at my computer, watching old Jon and Kate plus 8 episodes (guilty pleasure).

I was supposed to take a much-needed nap (will get into why I needed a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon on another post) but I ended up making an AOL account and this Blog. Sorry Yahoo, you have officially been abandoned for Gmail and AOL.

I was supposed to be penning writing samples and instead I read on copy writing.

I was supposed to start potty training Hayden. I printed out a custom-made rewards chart, tacking it on the bathroom wall. I see it every time I go in there but it never seems to don on me: oops, you really should be at least doing some bare minimum stuff. P.S. Hayden is so ready to be trained it knocks me back, I thought I had at least 6 more months of my cloth bummed "baby." No its I who am not ready. Some tire of changing bums, I am not immune either but it's a fair trade to me if I can simply keep this last stage; This last sign and clue of his infancy for a little bit longer.

I was supposed to clean today. The house following the Holidays has been deeply neglected and was in shambles. Instead I turned in for a very early nap, relinquishing all parental duties and house keeping over to my husband.

I am far from perfect, I am a neat freak with OCD tendencies I am only starting to notice with the follow through of an infant. I know that I am making things harder in the long run, equipped with bigger and longer jobs rather than small, shorter jobs. I seem to be putting so many things off lately, maybe sometime this year I will learn, maybe not but what I have learned is that I need some major me time. So that I am not like "laundry, caring for Hayden, cleaning! That is all my life is!" I'm thinking if I step back I will come like a million times more willing to get things done, stopping only getting things planned.

My fingers are crossed and tomorrow I really need to get this laundry stored. Easier said than down with a toddler running about.

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