Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know that its been awhile but I have since not only met my weight goal but I am now weighing less than I did when I got pregnant. My goal was not anorexia so I stopped the dieting and am very satisfied but I still plan on sticking to an exercise routine to keep fit and healthy.

How I did it?

I started Weight Watchers, I exercised very little because it was hard fitting in time between Hayden and working at home, I started eating meat, vegetable, and starch at every meal. Breakfast always had fruit and a vegetable same with lunch. I portioned very well with veggies and fruit the majority, meat in the middle and carbs very small. I went organic with every fruit and vegetable also I bought it fresh, fixed as much as I could from scratch with whatever time I had. I saw weight loss almost immediately. I was losing easily a pound a week some weeks I stayed the same but in a month's time I had lost between 3-5 pounds easy. I wasn't starving or bitter because I wasn't eating anything that I didn't like.
And the biggest upside to this is Hayden. Hayden is a very good eater now when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Lately he has had a very demanding disposition when it comes to seeing sweets but I quickly tell him he can't have it everyday, but if he wants a snack I can give him one (which I try to make as healthy as possible usually his snacks are fruit).

I am hoping to post more as time grants and do something more with this blog.

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