Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Lane (Beware pictures Galore!)

We took Hayden to Christmas Tree Lane this year. Christmas Tree Lane is an event that happens every year in Fresno, Ca. The Lane is decorated in honor of a child that died who lived on the street. The lane is decorated in Christmas decor and lights every Christmas year in honor of the child.

Last year we went on one of the walk nights but Hayden was really too young to appreciate it much then beside a smile here and there and eventually falling asleep. But this year was TOTALLY different. We couldn't walk it this year because it rained here on Tuesday, which was one of the walk nights, instead we decided to drive down the lane. We awoke Hayden minutes before the lane started and he was plesantly greeted with bright lights and Christmas decor galore!

The lights brought a big smile to his face

The entire ride he was very vocal, frequently pointing at something saying "mama."

We saw Bubblebee and Optimus Prime in their Christmas gurb

Hey by this little smile there's no doubt about it, Hayden is one little guy who is excited about Christmas!

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