Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decking The Halls (pic heavy!)

We put our tree shortly after Thanksgiving and our tree let's just say has had a hard time adjusting to Hayden frequently shaking it, trying to make the bulbs fall off. We put up half of our lights and stockings before we called it a night because Hayden was not taking decorating the tree well.

So about two weeks later, we decided to finish what we had started...

Hayden took to the lights very well

He loves the lights on the tree, asking me to turn them on even during the day

Here he thought the lights were very cool to play with

He even tried to plug them in

sadly he was shut down

but he didn't let that stop him

He quickly dashed in to help me put hooks on the bulbs

He even tried to (unsuccessfully) hang them on the tree

When we first put up the tree, he pointed to where he wanted to bulbs to go and I hung them for him.

but this time when he couldn't do it...

He stole some bulbs from the tree

which I quickly retrieved and rehung

I later put a bow on my little guy because he is the best Christmas present ever!

Before we went outside to see what Daddy had done



can't wait to take Hayden to Christmas tree Lane

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