Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a difference!

The picture above is of Hayden exactly 1 year ago on 12/30/09

This is Hayden today on 12/30/10

I can't believe how much he has grown and how different he looks! I am wondering what is to come with the new year! Lots probably!

And I also saw how much he changed when he opened his presents on Christmas Eve at his Grandparents house. At first he was skeptical, looking at his cousins open their presents and wondering why the presents were hidden under this paper. Then we finally let him open one of his showing him that he was supposed to tear the paper to see what he got...And we quickly learned that we had a Christmas-Wrapper-tearer-monster on our hands.

Hayden was beyond estatic to rip at the paper, at first meekly tearing off small pieces, but our laughter at how dainty he was with the paper I guess make him realize that maybe he was supposed to just have at it.

I took mostly videos during Christmas so bear with me as it will probably take a few more posts (hopefully not) to put up the ones that I wish to post.

Coming soon: Hayden plays the piano.

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