Monday, December 13, 2010

Got Silence?

Hayden seems to be growing up and up...and beyond! He can say a few sentences, complain alot, talk back even more, and tell me he isn't ready for bed but he wishes to wear his "so-ck" and "shooo oohs" all day every day and that is in between him incessantly calling me "mama" "mama" "mama" So why the silence? AH! Are you kidding me? Hayden is a little blur right now, I hardly can catch a glimpse of this energetic dude, let alone get a picture. And as for usually means...well, it usually means nothing is going on, nothing is being said, it's just dead. Hayden hasn't gotten that memo just yet, he can tell me "shut up" in plain english but he hasn't grasped that that means silence obvisously because he talks ALL the TIME! In sentences, in questions, in defiance, in ultra fast gibberish that only few understand, but there is never silence.

Meet the blur

I had plans to get him some X-Mas pictures taken at Sears and it occurred to me not to even waste the money. There was no way, no way in heck my little blur was going to sit still long enough and listen to direction to get good pictures. So ta-ta to professional pictures for 2010. And I'm loving every hair raising, mouth open in horror, driving me crazy minute of it! I love this stage, it is the best, and way better than I could have ever hoped for! He is so loving and... I don't know so Hayden. I see his personality so much now and who he is. Even now as I'm writing, I had to stop because I heard the most frightening thing any Mom can hear...SILENCE! Then the sweet jingle jangle chime of my Christmas tree...and low and behold it's my blur! Getting over the shock that I actually am seeing him in the flesh, stopping for something, I realize he has shaken my bulbs from the beloved tree! Mon Dieu! And now he has locked himself in my closet...

The blur butchering my Christmas Tree (Notice the bald spots)

He is all about phones, cars, and shoes. Those are his interests right now, along with doing anything he eyes me doing.

And because I finally saw how much the blur was growing up we put him in his own room on Saturday. Yes, that is right we have lift off! He has slept in his room for two nights now and he is taking his first nap in the there now. Yes, I was scared the first night that he would be scared or someone would magically know that he was in his room and kidnap him. I stayed up until 3 a.m. the first night listening to every sound and creek that ushered from his room, ready to protect him with a fiery that only other Mothers can match. But now I am ready (kind of), I like looking at my room knowing I can close the door and not be bothered, we have a space for the first time in a year and a half were Hayden doesn't have to be. We have our space and he has his. Weird...But I'm loving it.

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