Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the second day of Christmas...

Oh, My, oh my, today has been a day filled with firsts! Say, What?

Hayden had his first piece of pizza today. He ate it like a champ, didn't pick the toppings off whatsoever but instead eating it holding sides just like a big boy!

Today was his first time helping me load the dishwasher, which he did a GREAT job at!

Today he got his first pair of Jordan shoes from his great Aunt!

Today also my boy turned OMG 19 Months (is he getting up there or what?)

Hayden is 19 Months he is around 27lbs still and 35 inches. He wears a size 24 months in pants (in the least) for height and 18 months in tees but I can put him on a 2 or 3T just find.

As the days go by Hayden has been really growing into himself. He now can call me when he wants something done or to help him, not just grunt. He calls me Mom incessantly to the point being annoying. But it is really the most beautiful annoying words ever!

He can play in his room undisturbed now, he knows that that is his room and that it holds all his toys and he sleeps in there. Transitioning him into his room has been brilliant! The best thing ever! He loves it and has had no complains. He goes down easier now and sleeps a little longer. He still is feeling himself around a bit when it comes to putting himself back to sleep in the middle of the night and coming into our room.

This pass week I started sitting down with him and drawing to improve his fine motor skills. This activity has really taken off with Hayden, he now will sit down on his own and draw, has learned to undo the marker caps and place them back on. So far it seems as if he has gotten his Mommy and Daddy's hand in drawing.
The plus of this is he has one more interest than just cars and reading. The negative is he has already taken his drawing hand elsewhere besides paper.

I am realizing how independent he is starting to get and how much he understands. This is my favorite stage.

Oh yeah, only 2 days and less than two hours until the Big Day: Christmas!! Happy Holidays everyone.

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