Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the third day of Christmas...

3 days and and 5 hours until Christmas, say what!!

I am so excited that I can't think straight. No, really, I have had a trouble filled week starting with Monday, where I lost track of all work, got up earlier than usual, didn't see Hayden for hours, and wasn't home for a sick amount of time (which is starting to show in my housekeeping.) My BFF of 12 years today had eye surgery to remove cataract from her right eye and I HAD to be there as a support system. My husband dropped off Hayden at my Mom's house, which was weird to awake and not see him nor be able to hug him and say bye. Following the surgery, my BFF and I gave into some much needed sleep (we both have toddlers under two) so we crashed until late evening. WHAT A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE.
But of course, I missed Hayden like crazy and had to get home to see my boy. I knocked on my door and immediately I could hear Hayden babbling excitedly behind the door, which he helped open. I love, love, LOVE the hugs he gives me after he hasn't seen me for a bit: I open my arms and he just runs into them, giving me the most precious hugs and kisses. I know 100% that he missed me, oh my. But today after our hugs and kisses, he leaned a bit as if he wanted Daddy to hold him. I told Dave this and Dave came to get him, but Hayden pulled back just stretching out his arm. Then it clicked: he wanted a group family hug. WE have all hugged together before but usually it occurs when I go to hug David and Hayden gets jealous, so I give him a hug and then we do a group hug. But tonight was the first night that Hayden just asked for it. It was so weird to know that was what he wanted. It was such a magical moment. Today, I have come to the conclusion that Hayden is fully aware that we are his family, that we love him, and so far we are doing an excellent job.
It is so rare when a parent can sit down, take in everything and sigh knowing that so far they are doing their best for their child AND their child thinks so too.
on the 3rd day of Christmas my TL gave to me: a magical moment with my family.

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