Saturday, January 8, 2011

The House of the Living Dead!

David and I are both 150% sleep deprived. I have the worst case of insomnia ever. I have always been a night owl, clocking away in the night while everyone else in the world is snoozing. I always chalked it up to my fascination and liking for the night, it seems so mystical to me. Lately my bedtime has been OVER my limit at 4 am sometimes 5 am Not good in the least.
I have tried laying down, turning everything off, and the usually laying down and closing my eyes and nothing. The clock is ticking, my mind is shouting "I'm bored laying here! I'm overused pleased put me to bed." And the sad part is I'm tired, I know I am tired: I have become reduced to taking showers rather than my usual baths because I fall asleep fine in there, even in the car just not in my bed. And this makes the days murderous because Hayden is up now at 6-7am faithfully now that we have him in his bed on a routine.

David, this pass week, has been home a lot more and he has taken charge of Hayden's sleep situation. So now that Hayden has finally realized that sleeping through the night is not optional but a requirement, David has been taking in all the zzz's he can get. But alas with all the getting up early still he is still very much missing out on sleep. Today while watching T.V. he fell asleep twice. Poor guy doesn't know what sleep is.

On Monday I have a doctor's appointment, I'm definitely letting it be known that I have been having sleeping issues for over two weeks now. Yup, two weeks of being up all night and a zombie, praying for some shut-eye during the day. Luckily I have my Mom so close or else I would have either fell asleep watching Hayden or committed myself already. She has been so good at watching Hayden during the day so I can get some much-needed sleep.

While some days are harder than others, today did not end as bad as it started. And my did it start ugly. Hayden awoke at 6am ready for breakfast and some quality playing time with Mommy as usual, but neither Daddy nor Mom was willing to relinquish sleep. So I invited him into the bed and we fell asleep together for only a good hour, before Hayden awoke again, hungry and not willing to give. So after brow beating David to get up, I got some more sleep until nine almost ten but I was still very beat.

Later on during the day, I dropped Hayden off at my Mom's house, returned home for some more sleep. I was literally on my last leg: standing was painful and keeping my eyes open required so much effort. I was glad to hit the pillow for another two hours. Hopefully after Monday I can rise from the dead so I can get back into the groove of everything and feel so overwhelmed during the day.

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