Sunday, March 6, 2011


oh looky up there. Okay, everyone I just changed my URL after much nail biting and thinking we are now I hope I didn't piss anyone off too much. Yup, well, hugs you're live. And everyone who has recently put a url up linking to my blog I beg to please change it. PLEASE. I know so many changes to this blog, will she ever make up her mind?

Yes, I am just tweaking the blog a bit because as Hayden is growing, I would love to extend my blog into well more of a blog and less of just Hayden's baby book but a chronicle of our lives. I want to get to know more Mommies, befriend people and form relationships too from this thing we call the internet. More changes to my blog will be coming up, but mostly minor. I have gotten all the big stuff out of the way. But please excuse there is lots of dust.

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