Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 20: Someone you love

Well, it would be too easy to pick David or Hayden and totally predictable. So I am going to go with my BFF Daughter Autumn, she has appeared on my blog sporadically. But I just love the crappers out of her, it really also helps that she is extremely attached to me and we are the same sign. She is the daughter I will probably never have.

Her and Hayden love to play together and are easily good friends when they are not beating one another up, I have no idea what is with toddlers and the need to hit, bite, throw, and/or physically harm another. I read that they love the reaction but that just sounds sadistic. But anyone I just love her.

She too has dimples and the most beautiful hair you'd ever want to see on a toddler. I can imagine all the trouble these two are going to get into growing up, I can't wait.

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