Friday, March 18, 2011

Daydream Wonderland...

Hmm, there is something that is so cute and breath taking about a sleeping child...

And unlike most parents I almost no pictures of Hayden sleeping because it would take a parent braver than I to sneak in his room and start firing off my camera with the flash on to take pictures of Hayden. He'd wake up just from me focusing.

Tonight though I picked up my fancy handy dandy Point and Shoot camera (someone has been watching too many cartoons), tried out a DIY filter for the flash on your p&s, complements of Jess @ Irocksowhat. With the flash a big muffled by a piece of paper towel (I have a Canon Powershot 1400, which super duper small, so when I say a piece I mean a piece), I felt a little better about playing creeper in my son's bedroom.

I wish I had the guts to take off the paper towel in order to compare but I am a wimp, but I do notice a dreamy effect that would not be there w/o the paper towel. I will be trying this out a little more in the future

Umm, Also in other news, I have started my own blog. Yup, It really has nothing on it yet because I have not had time to fix it up but check it out follow it you'd like I will do another post once everything is complete to my liking and stuff. I decided about a week ago to make another one just for me instead of doing blogging for both Hayden and I on this site. I really felt as if I was imposing and started hating posting I really want to keep this for Hayden and for those who want to see him, know him, and about motherhood in general. So I made my own. It is called Daydream wonderland. One of the reasons, it took me so long to even make it was I wanted a title that I would really to enjoy and could keep. After experimenting with a few I was mopping my floor late last night when I started daydreaming (or rather night dreaming)once I pulled myself out, I silently scolded myself for always living in my head and daydreaming. I countered with my mind is my wonderland and quickly thought of Daydream Wonderland. So there you have it my blog is Daydream Wonderland: a place for all those thoughts and other random stuff in my life with Hayden and David.

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