Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Down for the Count

Hayden is still down sick. Ugh! It sucks. I'm exhausted, he's tired, restless and can't understand why he doesn't feel as energetic as usual. Finally on Sunday the rain lifted, leaving depressing, cloudy skies that Hayden begged me to go out in. But today was gorgeous, sunny with slight breezes. I really felt as if I was at the beach or something. We played outside, sick, exhausted, and all! It was too beautiful not to, and as soon as Hayden spotted the sun, gazing out the window, looking at the sun reflect on his fingers, he started begging. Soooo, I caved.

Him and his spray bottles!

"Does water really come out of this thing?"

"Oh, if Mommy only knew!"

"Hey, Mom, the plant is kinda dry, I can help you out with that."

Maybe the sun rays will cure my baby boy. Hmm, actually I think it is juice. So I have cut out juice. HAHAHA! Yes! Well, I will see how he does.

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