Friday, March 4, 2011

I Heart California

Hmmm, is there something wrong with this picture?

Yes! Definitely, it has been forecasted to rain, to snow, to be overcast, damp and cloudy but everytime the Sun has come out to say "Ha ah" Several days in a row! Last weekend it did do a number on us it rained something fierce but the California is the opposite of Washington: Washington you enjoy the sun knowing the rain will be back tomorrow, and in California you enjoy the rain knowing the sun will be back tomorrow. Last Sunday, it was forcasted to snow, yes, snow in Fresno. This almost never happens unless you live in the mountains, so stump that myth now. California does get snow quite frequently just not in the cities usually. I've been thinking about braving it up North at Yosemite National Park just so that Hayden can play in the snow but is it worth the chains I would have to put on my tires, Me not so sure yet. There always next year. It has been a hot week with no complaints, I love the feel of sun on my skin after experiencing Winter, it is the best feeling. I first got this feeling when I was pregnant and winter was my enemy. It was toasty enough for SHORTS! I actually got to wear...wait for it...

Short sleeves, a skirt with tights and flip flops outside. I LOVE YOU FRESNO, Ca. I want to hug you.

So I decided that Hayden would love to get outside, so I asked he jumped up and down fiercely, running to the laundry room where I keep his squirt bottle. Lately he has been on a squirt bottle kick. After several indicidents where he either climbed incredibly high feats or snuck into "No-No" cabinets in order to obtain a spray bottle, I dumbed one of my bottles for vinegar and water, rinsed, and refilled with plain old H2O. He's been seriously naughty with it, spraying everything in sight.

We ventured onto our patio for a while with me snapping pictures the entire time until he sprayed my precious DLSR with water. Then it was game over. I prepared some food and he ate (he is really starting to be picky and a pecker with his food he is seriously living off of whole grain crackers because he won't touch any bread, eggs, yogurt, fruit, milk, lunch meat and cheese), dinner he will finish off in no time just not during the day will he stop to eat.

After we went inside Hayden got antsy so I decided to take an idea from Jess @ IROCKSOWHAT and lock him in our tennis courts to play. It was such a wonderful, I actually played ball with him and ran around. SOOO very fun.

I am thinking of going on some adventures to Selma Layne Park...

Decisions Decisions

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