Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sexy Tripod, hubba hubba

A couple of weeks ago, I thrifted a tripod. Yup, what luck? It was lightweight but still sturdy, old definitely but usable, and only 8 bucks. The release mount was gone but I wasn't worried, thinking oh I can buy one over the internet. Well, umm, nope after a 2 day internet search I found out the maker had gone out of business and chances of getting a mount was slim to Ebay at a maybe. I'm persistent though and earlier this week following dinner between bathing a toddler and putting him to bed, I decided to try a DIY project. Couldn't hurt. I hadn't not done DIY in a while, and I usually am all about DIY. I love the experience, the knowledge and cheap thrill of making things yourself, crafty, creative, just plain cool.
I had paid only 8 bucks on it so I didn't care about the money but if I was going to drop loads on money on a good tripod because this is I couldn't use that one, it wasn't going to be anytime soon, I would research the crap out of it to get the one I needed! And I was itching to get a tripod. So after charging my dead drill and putting Hayden to sleep, the hubby and I set to work. Within thirty minutes we has mount simply by using another mount from a smaller, less usable tripod. I wasn't sure if it would be too stable at first but after snapping a few pictures that night at low shutter speeds are in low lighting and still being able to use a low ISO, which is the last thing I try to up. I love it at 100 and cringe if I'm forced above 400. I just don't like noise, I know some noise on some are great in a creative sense.
For those of you who don't have a tripod, get one! It can do so much for your photos and stretch creativity. Lots of people talk of lenses, yes they are important, but you can get so much more from your lens, apertures, and shutter speed with a tripod. It is a must have! I love it. I plan on taking some time to edit some pictures I took last night following a blackout. I am a candle lover BIG TIME and thankfully because we lit our house up like the fourth of July, resulting in some interesting warm light, shadows, and flickering flames. I experimented big time with white balance, long shutter speeds, various apertures, I was in beginner heaven. I can't wait to find a block of time to play with them even more in Photoshop see what comes out. Until next time...


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