Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 22: what makes you different from everyone else

hmm, this a question, I really have to think about because I have lots of things that I think are weird and really feel as if I am the only one who does this but am surprised time and time again that someone else does the same thing.

I collect cans, I don't mean I just care about the environment. I have collected cans since I was a child before everything became eco friendly. It was simply something you did to put a few extra coins in the house for hard times, or a savings.

I collect paper and pens, not intentionally but more by I really like notebooks, lead pencils, and pens, so everything I am in a store and see one that is really cool or that I must have I buy, and it really adds up.

I over analyze everything. Period. Everything is getting broken down, dissected, placed back together, taken apart again and pieced together differently just so I can know everything about it.

I like to know everything about everything. Its not that I think I am a know it all I just simply want to know because it really ticks me that I don't. I love information.

I have always like old things from music, to clothes, to house hold items. If you know me, you know that I would pick up an old book from 1777 just for the looks before I would a brand new shiny book. Antiques are always a choice, and find myself frequently heading down to Old Town Clovis' many antiques shops to daydream and window shop. I have a fascination with the Tudors and their era. I studied extensively on it and was very pleased when Showtime premiered the The Tudors. I also love, love the Victorian era. I love Victorian and Tudor dresses, corsets, and the entire shebang! I just love the look of older fashion. I love the look of the old days and in love with the idea being in the 50's wearing poodle sweaters and skirts, or the way the 70's brought the most brilliant and greatest musicians and music the world had ever seen. Everything seemed nice, bright, filled with innocence and naive. the classic looks of Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, and Marilyn Monroe or the sexiness of James Dean in his leather jacket and loner/bad boy image, and/or the playfulness of John Travolta and Johnny Depp impersonating those times in Grease or Cry Baby. Or the love stories that made you envy that guys can be such blatant jerks in this day and age, not that King Henry the 8Th was a Saint. I just love anything and everything old, from every era! I think this comes from my Grandma, who raised me. And one of the reasons I get along with my MIL so well because she is the same way. They make dreams and fairy tales in my mind. Little did I know that there are hundreds if not millions out there with the same love.

But I guess that one person can like or do one thing the same, even several but I guess what makes me unique is that no person is ever going to be exactly like me.

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