Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Week In Iphone Pics

Our week was a rainy one. It rained cats, dogs, and golden puppies here. It even teased some days with the sun coming out strong, beaming its warm rays down upon you just to quicky be invaded with clouds and rained on. It even struck up small balls of hail. But today was only overcast, cold, and depressing. Hayden suddenly was struck down with sickness after my last post declaring my happiness that he wasn't sick, but maybe I was. HMPT! If only. The little guy has been throwing from both ends, sleepy every hour or so, not feeling like playing around much but still trying to hang in there. Me, I'm exhausted, defeated, and feeling so sorry for him. Because I don't have time really to collage these they are all loose but in order. Srry but I need to go change Hayden's diaper. Also sorry if my posts are hit and miss, but I really won't have much time until Hayden gets better. I would love advice on it because I am scared of him getting dehydrated. He isn't taking anything really, maybe some fruit here and there but really nothing. He won't even drink.

Coloring outside

Stealing twizzlers and trying to share them because he got caught

Mommy/Baby picture- look I'm actually in a picture!!

Rain, Rain go away

Finding new shops to look at, LOVE IT

Playing with his best friend, who is my best friend's daughter

Thinking he's cute singing on the mic, while showing off his body lol

Adventures in clothing. Hayden has begun to want to put on clothes all by his lonesome. 8/10 it turns out like the above.

Adventures at Barnes and Noble again

In the shoes that I wouldn't let him play outside (We had to hide them because he kept putting them on oh brother, does he need a lesson in fashion)

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Emmie Bee said...

Stopping over from Amy's blog- your son is SO CUTE! I can't get over it!!