Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beginnings and Whatnot

I recently started reading Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Digital Photography." I was drawn to him through many recommendations on his book "Understanding Exposure." I ended up going to his website, viewed some of his photos and fell in love. I am enthralled deeply by his use/love of color. As a lover of colors that "pop" too, he is easily one of my favorite photographers.
Anywho, I am using his book as one of many learning tools - you never can have too much knowledge. But photography is a visual art, is it not? So what fun is it just reading a photography book? You have to get out there and experience it, or at least that is how I read photography books. With each lesson learned, I experience snapping my own. So I quickly had a light bulb moment, thinking I can turn this into even more fun...
By posting my "Lesson learned" photos. The plan is to post weekly about a certain subject learned, be it apertures, focus, noise, or shutter speed. There will be a picture of it.

P.S don't be afraid to join in. I have no linky but everyone is welcome, its not really a challenge but you can still hope in, and do it too.

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