Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A few words....

Hayden is becoming such a terrible delight to have around. Not that he wasn't a delight before it's just that now he can interact more and is just plain more fun. When I look at him now, I see a kid or toddler 100% in him - No baby at all! He is trying to do more stuff for himself, he can do more stuff for himself. He is back to himself in his "try, try, try again" mind state, which I love but when it comes to disobeying it can be killer on me to chase him around or have to continuously remove him. His tantrums, where he calmly lies himself down and begins to kick and scream, are narrowing down a bit, but he still has a hard time listening. Instead, I have to remove him and remove, redirect, or tell him "you can't play with this but that." They all never work all the time, but one out of all them usually works for him.
Hayden's persona is coming out more, and I'm really starting to see who he is. And truly love him for who he is. His interests are shaping, his moods are stabilizing more as I understand him more, his limits, boundaries, likes, and dislikes.
He enjoys instruments (so for his b-day I plan on letting it rain music), he is getting more artistic and drawing is one of our favorite together activities besides reading and singing. (I am gonna have to post a video of this kid singing, he totally has soul). He loves trucks and trains, so I'm thinking about maybe getting him that Thomas train track thing or maybe that village table.
And what I'm excited the most to share is: Hayden can talk! It started earlier in his 21st month with a few new words popping up about every so often, and now has peaked! He can say certain sentences, piece words together and has been learning between 1-2 words a day. I am so excited about him talking, I really am starting to become happy that he is growing up. VERY HAPPY. And here is a video of not even a fraction of the words he knows. Enjoy, I know I love videos

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