Sunday, July 4, 2010

A little bit of this and A little bit of That

Hayden sharing his yogurt with me.

My latest news on Hayden is his fine motor skills are developing: he can feed himself with a spoon or fork. I find it very interesting watching him try to figure out the best way to get the food in his mouth without spilling any. He puts the utensil to his mouth just to take it away and stare at it before switching hands and examining it again, then attempting to eat what is on it.

Lately my sister-in-law has been popping in to visit, which is always a pleasure because she and I were pregnant together and had our kids only six weeks apart, so Hayden has a same age playmate. My SIL has a daughter, Hayley, who is the baby, and an older son, Frankie, who is five. Usually Hayden and Hayley just talk and babble at one another when they are not taking away something the other has or trying to hit one another. After hours of trying to get Hayden to calm down for a much needed nap (he had started to do a drunken sailor trot instead of walking), he finally zonked out. And for a nice cherry topper, settled uneventfully into his crib. Hayley went down for a nap soon after and my SIL and I had the idea of putting the kids in the crib...together.
This picture is the fruits of our efforts.

so cute...

In an effort to teach Hayden how to be gentle, I started encouraging kissing and hugging of stuffed animals that he is fond of. And he caught on so fast it was a fire. Now he not only gives his stuffed toys hugs and kisses but likes to sleep with Katie the Koala (renamed Kaleb the Koala because its looks more like a boy)and Mickey Mouse.

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