Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lean, Mean, Green Machine?

With Hayden being in his 13 Month and counting, I have decided to redo his schedule and try some new things with him. Since he was born off and on he has been a sling baby, I have been breastfeeding and co-sleeping with him since his birth. I try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. I have been noticing that Hayden prefers fresh and prefers fruits and vegetables over meat and many other things. This is only not true for chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and soy yogurt- He is over the moon for soy yogurt (which I cut up little fruit in.) So i try to be as "natural" in my parenting as possible.
Anyway, since pregnancy, I had read up on "green living" and raising "green babies." Very early I converted with buying organic, I was very vehement about everything else. But recently I have changed lots of things such nap times, bed times, dinner times for us, and bath times for Hayden. At Hayden's last doctor's appointment, he was barely 21lbs and a whooping 31 inches, but with 15 more ounces he will be at the weight limit for his carrier. So I will be looking for a carrier soon if I want to continuing carrying him.
And another big thing I have been looking into is cloth diapers. I had read on them in pregnancy and really wanted to do it but decided not to as I didn't have a washer and dryer. Now Pesto-Chango, I am in a new bigger and better apartment that has a W/D, so whats stopping me? Or let me go back, what's motivating me?
I have no problem with disposable, I mean I have been fine with them for this long. So far I have had few leaks, they fit great and Hayden usually doesn't seem to have a problem with them. But lately I have been noticing them rubbing Hayden too closely, causing an on again off again rash. I HATE DIAPER RASH!! End of Story! Hayden has never had one and he is not going to get one on my watch. Plus, there was the incident on Sunday when he pulled off his diaper. He hasn't pulled of his diaper since he was like 5 maybe 7 months.
I'm thinking maybe cloth will be more softer on his sensitive skin then disposable. I'm thinking, I need to read more on it before I decide.
Between converting to cloth diapers, looking for a new toddler carrier or sling, buying organic foods, all I have to do is start being organic clothing and I'll be a lean, mean, green machine!

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