Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Potty Time?

Today, following Hayden's breakfast, he climbed onto the coffee table and squatted, grunting. Knowing that he was either trying to go or going, I said, "diaper, diaper change?" And his responded, "ca-ca." To say I was dumbfounded would be an understatement. Hayden is only 13 months, he doesn't even have his own potty yet, and while I have given some thought into potty training, I did think I had more time. I only started teaching him what "ca-ca" and "pee-pee" last week in preparation for his potty training between 20 and 24 months! That's between 7 and 11 months from now! So for him to get the connection of what "ca-ca" is so quick is mind blowing to me.
And while I still think Hayden is too young to start to potty training, I am going to talk with his doctor about probably at his 15 month check-up and I think I will probably have to start earlier than I originally planned at 18 months.

P.S. This tale of potty time didn't end so well... As it turns out Hayden was trying to go "ca-ca" and telling me in advance (who knew?). So I changed his diaper shortly thereafter to find SURPRISE! Only pee. He got up like a hurricane with me telling him he only peed. I wrapped his diaper, hearing him snickering, before total silence. I was in lala land, throwing away his diaper when I hear "ca-ca" again. It swiftly dons on me: he wasn't done! I shout a too-late "No!" as I see Hayden squatting between the coffee table and couch finishing his business. It was my fault and I took it as that, and it didn't help that when he was done he got up, ran off, smiling and laughing, which I thought was cute. Still, my little stinker, tried to play in his "ca-ca" as I tried to clean it up. I stopped him from doing that, what I couldn't stop was him walking in what wasn't cleaned yet. So potty time turned into bath time and a very good lesson learned for mommy...
Mommy's going to tell Daddy he can potty train :)


H and M B

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