Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Adventures with the Boyles Family

Last Saturday, we awoke bright and early to spend the morning at Millerton Lake. I was very nervous as this was Hayden's first time on a boat and his first time going to the lake, I had no idea how anything was going to turn out. I was very nervous of him going overboard(yikes!) or even not liking the speed or motion of the boat. Prior to our visit things were not going so well with him and his life vest because he hated the darn thing. So again he could have gone out to the lake and had a meltdown about simply having to wear his life vest. Thinking since he loves water, he will like the lake, I stuffed my worries away and decided to go.
And to my pleasure, he was a pro and LOVED the lake. We got more than a few pictures with him enjoying the boat, none though of him in the water as everyone was in the water at the same time.

Hayden with Grandma Nancy

Getting the feel of the boat

Checking up on Mommy

He was very interested in me liking the boat

As soon as we stopped, he turned on the charm...

by quickly jumping into the driver's seat

Enjoying cantaloupe

trying to take the camera

Stealing mommy's life vest

Talking w/ cantaloupe in his mouth

"Mommy, I will give you your life vest back..."

"...If we can come back soon"

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