Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poops on you!

This morning Hayden, David, and I were getting ready to go to my in-laws house near Easton, Ca. for a July fourth lunch. I changed Hayden's diaper like I usually do in the morning, starting on breakfast as David shaved in the bathroom. From the kitchen I hear David yelling, "He (Hayden) took his diaper off." Deciding that I was going to have to get him dressed to eat soon, I let him be naked for a bit. Minutes later I tell David to diaper him when I hear a yelp. I come flying into the living room. It turned out that Hayden had pooped in the diaper, took it off, and was running around with poop still on him, getting it on my carpet!
I was so shocked that after I cleaned him up and retraced his footsteps to clean up any poop all I could do was shake my head. Plus it was my fault that I didn't check him.
I am thinking maybe Hayden is growing up and doesn't want to sit in poop. Maybe its time for the beginning of potty training. Hmmm...Only time can tell. For now I am stuck waiting to see if he pulls off his diaper again and teaching him what poo is. What a Fourth of July! Happy Fourth to everyone! May you have a happy one.

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