Friday, July 16, 2010

Changing and growing

Three simple months ago Hayden was 10 months- Not that long ago really- But my oh my how my little guy has changed.

These are picture when he was 10 months old

He was walking with a toddle walk, now he is sprinting around and walking heel to toe

He could say 2-4 words then, now he has about 8-10 words he can say

His was in a size 6-9 in pants for his height of 29in, now he is in a size 18 for his height of 31in. Which doesn't fit his waist still! He is super tall and skinny!

He had about 10 teeth, now he has 16 chompers

He has learned to get in the bathtub, stroller, highchair, chairs by himself; kick and kick a ball; navagate a playground without help; and clap for himself; plus so much more! I can't believe how much he is growing and changing in front of my eyes. And I only have a few days until he is 14 months!

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