Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Games for toddlers!

I love to read and I love Hayden so I decided, "why not mix the two?" Thus, I am reading "Child's play : Montessori games and activities for your baby and toddler" by Maja Pitamic

I also read "The Playskool toddler's busy play book : over 500 creative games, activities, crafts and recipes for your very busy toddler" by Robin McClure.

I read the Playskool book first but wasn't too interested in it because the activities seemed to be geared more towards older toddlers. As far as I know the book does not specify what toddler ages its for but I found really nothing I could do with Hayden. It is also organized by outdoor, indoor, holiday, seasonal activities, which some may find helpful but I would have preferred it outlined by age or by each activity environment first then by age.
But "Child's Play" I love. It is divided into six chapters for the senses, coordination, art, movement, language, and nature- Mostly toddler developmental points! The games/activities are pretty straight forward and each game has the age group it would be good for printed above the activity. Any game that requires a special material the templates are in the back of the book.
Hayden loves me singing "If you're happy and you know it...", inspired from "Child's Play," especially when it comes to stumping his feet and clapping his hands.

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