Monday, June 14, 2010

My son Nemo

Some days I can take motherhood by the horns and drag it down into the mud, then there are days when its impossible to catch a break. This Saturday was a gut-wrenchingly awful day where nothing went as planned. Since May I had planned to get our car smog taken care of this Saturday. Even with prompting my husband over and over again to get up early and get it done, we ended up going a few hours before it was closed. And we were only there for ten minutes before the man told us he could not smog it because of a hose connected to the engine wasn't the stock item. We needed to get the stock hose back on before it could get a smog. I nearly died. Our truck is very old so it is always hard to find the parts for it. After a visit to Auto Zone, we realized that we were going to have to go through the manufacturer to get the part, which would have to wait until Monday.
I was so down from Saturday it carried over into Sunday but I was perked by Hayden playing in his new pool for the first time. I had tried to put Hayden in the big pool several times with it ending in him clenching onto me for dear life and a very dry baby. So when I marched to the pool, I was delighted to see my little man with his aunt loving the water and playing in it. He just turned into a fish on Sunday and didn't want to get out of the water, even when he was freezing. I instantly deemed him Mommy's little fish, Nemo.

But Monday I arose anew. I put the things about the car out of my mind and resolved that I would have a nice together day with my son- That he would be my light in darkness. I awoke to being beaten over the head by Hayden's playful slaps and Hayden's tiny teeth, dimpled smile. I returned the smile, which gave him ammo to straddle me and lean in for a kiss. My heart just melted thinking how my little man has grown: he can give me kisses without being asked or even me taking them. We played together most of the day, with me either chasing him pretending to be a monster (his favorite game) or him finding some toy that we could interact with. It was a real good change of pace to center my day around playing with him, rather than spending it managing him. And what would be a fun day with Hayden if he didn't climb on everything?

On the dining room chair

on his chair to sit at his desk

And his favorite spot: on my coffee table

This video is of my little guy doing a funny dance on my coffee table...before wanting some dinner.


H and M B

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His smile ROCKS!