Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adventures in Baby Land

I'd like to think of myself as a hands on Mom: at 12 months plus, Hayden still breastfeeds, we co-sleep, he isn't allowed to watch television, and I am very health-conscious about what my son eats (he has had chocolate before on one holiday occasion and on his birthday had cake and my mom seems to feel the need to stuff him full of Cheetos whenever we drop by.) I usually am very good at having him nap on time, happily soaking up the two hours of free time his naps give; coming up with nutritious meals for Hayden, who seems to have the appetite of a bird; and stuffing in play time for Hayden and I.
Hayden wakes up really late compared to other babies, about 4 to 5 hours later in fact at around 10 or 11 a.m. My favorite part of the day is Hayden waking up. He is so excited, gives smiles and hugs like candy plus he is so talkative. I get in lots of hugs and voluntary kisses during that time. He even straddles me, trying to give me tummy raspberries like I do him. And usually its all down hill from there.

Hayden sitting in my desk chair

From there we set about our day of me cleaning (often what Hayden has messed up)

Hayden butchering his room

Him supposed to eating but instead screaming his head off as I try to fix his room

Begging for a story

Playing in his newly cleaned room A.K.A another butchering session

But yesterday after he was asleep, I sat back, looking over our day in pictures and a few videos.

And smiling at his new independence, I realized that my favorite part of the day was this: Every part of the day with my little man! (Even with the squealing and struggling to keep him still long enough for a nap.)

Loving Kisses and Hugs,

H and M B

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