Monday, June 21, 2010

Pancake delight

Saturday Hayden and I got up bright and early (well, bright and early for us, lol) to fix my husband pancakes for Father's day. Two nights prior I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes because I am not a pancake person and thought that maybe I would like chocolate chip. I had to do it on Saturday morning because his job wanted him to work on Sunday morning. We used Bisquick and just added chocolate chips. I had almost no expectations with Hayden helping, I mean he's only 12 months, but I at least wanted him to look, so I pulled up a kitchen chair to the bar (which he was still a bit too short to reach.) Of course if Mommy is doing something Hayden watches to touch and normally I would have pulled my hair out telling him "no touch" and "stop it" instead I gave him measuring cup of Bisquick. Immediately it was jerked and some spilled onto the floor, so I saved it and showed him how to pour it in the bowl. With me guiding his hand most of the Bisquick made it into the bowl, with Hayden clapping at his own accomplishment while I cracked an egg into the bowl. Hayden did the milk a little bit better, but stirring was brutal, he kept wanting the spoon to himself to chew on or throw. Still I survived and Hayden seemed more than happy that he was my helper. I did cheat and ask my husband to flip the the pancakes as he is way, way better at it than I am.
Hayden must have loved the pancakes because he ate a whole one and half of a breakfast burrito. I couldn't believe it! I even had my husband check around the high chair to see if he tossed it! But we never found it Hayden had ate it all up, leaving only a few eggs on his tray. Later he had gallons of fun with my best friend's daughter, Autumn, who is quickly becoming his best bud too. They play so nicely together- She can made him giggle and laugh like nobody else. They even climbed onto my coffee table together and did a little table dance, that had me laughing so hard. I wish I could have grabbed my camera in time. (sigh) Maybe next time.


H and M B

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