Tuesday, June 22, 2010

13 Months! Whoa Baby!

Hayden is 13 Months today. This year is going by way faster than his previous and he is growing more and more everyday.

One year ago today Hayden was two months old. This is Hayden at two months:

One year later...

At 13 Months Hayden is walking (he walked at 9 months), running(could run at 11 months), says about 6-7 words, climbs furniture (this started at 7 months), can kick and throw a ball, and so much more. Hayden has always been my super baby being born holding up his head and rolling over for the first time when he was only a month or so old. He did all his milestones early, even surpassing his cousin in all who is six weeks older. So when he sat up at the end of 4 months and wasn't falling by 5, no one was surprised. And now one year later, he is still speedy Gonzales in his milestones. But as everyone in this crazy gig called motherhood knows, everyone can get surprised sometimes.

Usually Hayden is the most sweetest baby following waking up. Yesterday, we got out of bed as usual and I started our daily routine of changing his diaper and getting him dressed. This is the easier of the diaper changes the happen in a day because he is in a good mood. This day was extra special though. I tell him to lay down, that I was going to change his diaper, he listens and lays down. (This never happens, never!) So I change his diaper without a complaint, then he jumps up and runs to the coffee table to climb on it. I tell him we are not done, I have to get him dressed and he comes back to me. I slip on his pants half way telling him to stand, which he does, and I pull them up all the way. He sprints to the coffee table again and I tell him we have to put his shirt on then we're done and again he comes back, helping me put his shirt on. Of course he ran to the coffee table soon following but I was surprised at how well he listened. I was mentally doing the running man, I was on a mommy high! For the very first time, I felt like I had a kid instead of a baby who I constantly needed to run after and catch.

Later on I fixed his breakfast and was at the table eating with him, typing on my laptop, when I heard him say something that sounded like "Dad" I told him Dad was at work, resuming my typing, when I heard it several more times. I turned,listening more carefully, realizing he was saying "done." I nearly died, my heart swelled so big, I immediately yanked him from his high chair giving him hugs and kisses and "yays" for using his "words." A while back he had started to squeal and scream to signal he was done, while I was used to it didn't go over too well with my husband, David, so I started to tell him say "done" when he was finished and wouldn't let him out of the high chair until it was said. I did this only three times, and while he was usually good at saying it when I asked, he had never said it without me saying it first.
Yesterday, he was even more of my little helper by helping me load the dish washer for the first time. usually when I am trying to get the dishes in the washer, Hayden comes over stealing silverware from it, or trying to climb on the open door. When he did it this time, I took his current obedient attitude into play and decided to teach him how to put silverware in the washer. After demonstration after demonstration, he finally did it. So I started to hand him silverware and he would put it in. It went pretty well for the most part until he started taking out knives that is when I strapped him in his high chair until I finished.
I also love it when he waves "Hi" and "Bye." Hi, he can also say. In my eyes, he is getting up there and doing more and more things daily. I am sure he does more things than I can think of or remember that rocks my socks. Like the way he can bring me a book he wants read to him or the way he climbs into chairs just to sit in like a grown up or him pointing to everything wanting to know what it is or how he claps to play patty cake.
Bottom line: he is growing up nicely and I'm happpy to be along for the ride. Everytime I get a smile out of him I am happy about this time, this moment, this right here is the best so far.

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