Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Week in Iphone pics

This week has been very busy. I found out very extremely last minute that Hayden and I's trip to Long Beach, Ca was pushed up. So I spent 3 days packing and not really updating anything so that I could be ready for the trip.

The first 2 pictures are of Hayden on the train after he settled down. He's actually looking out the window wish I could have taken more photos but I have to admit that I slept like a baby on the train and the bus.
3rd pic of Hayden about to open the gate to the backyard, for a surprise it was one of those electric cars. I got DSLR pics of him in it that I haven't uploaded just yet.
In long beach, I was reunited with my brand spankin' new niece who is my new muse when it comes to anything DSLR. She is an easy subject, she doesn't move that much!
Hayden playing with the remotes that I told him not to play with and me and my new hair style. I am used to my hair being way longer with my hair straightened so it feels odd still but on the flip side I wanted something new. I didn't want the bangs but now I kinda like them.

Hayden waiting for the train and his expression when it came in "Holy Smokes Batman!"

Hayden looking at the computer, me again, He has a thing for buckling car seats his and his cousins'. And finally Hayden simply being Hayden. Dimples. Dimples. Dimples.

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