Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have not neglected this blog I promise. I left Long Beach, Ca early and abruptly not on good terms with my family, I really was messed up emotionally for along time. I just think I needed to grieve on some of the relationships that were lost and I know that some people, even though they are family, are not needed in life. But it still hurts to think of having to cut off someone you have grown up around for years, boy did it hurt. It still does, but I know I don't need negative people in my life.
It has been also hard on me because I had to leave my younger sister who had just been released from the hospital following surgery. It has been tough too because the family I did have here are no longer here but still in Long Beach, ca.
I came home and I really felt lost, I have been gone only 2 weeks but it may have been a month. The time off I took from also have made finances soo different this month and way tighter, having to deal with that and my crazy family, I can say has been hard, hard, hard. I will be alright though. I have been taking a few photos though along the week, nowhere as usual but I do have some.

Playing with his cousins, hanging out at Target, Easter afternoon breakfast for lunch cooked by the hubby, Hayden happy to have candy in the forecast


Easter egg hunt

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