Friday, January 13, 2012

What are We Gonna do Tonight, Brain...

Okay! This post has been two days in the making. SaY wHaT?! Yup, Photoshop on my computer was being weak and when Photoshop was working I realized I needed software to make a collage. Whoa is me. I needed to finally put to use Photoshop elements 9, which I got with my Wacom tablet, so I had to download that from their website, Ya-de-Ya-Da, anyway it was taking FOREVER! I ended up resorting to Picasa. But the job got done! And without further ado...

I am doing a sorta photo dump of all the things you missed in photos. I am so surprised at the age 2, I freakin' love it. Hayden is such a delight, I see him growing and doing (and saying) so much everyday. He is really becoming a fantasy person, complete with ninja noises, imaginary swords, dragons, and spider man. He is also an outside person, he loves playing outside while I write soaking the beautiful summer, chill weather in California. He is such a character, I love him.
Daddy and Hayden

World's cutest ninja!

I Rock


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