Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Wish List

Its a new year, ladies, and with it comes new trends, wants, dreams, and must haves.


As with Apple every year they release new products and the rumor grapevine has been sizzling with the upcoming Imacs. were the golden standard desktop in 2011 and are the gems of art and design, the not so hush - hush rumors are whispering about touch screens, TV funcionalty, AMD's Radeon HD 6990m GPU, plus more awesome features.

The negative? Maybe waiting 5+ months or more for it. Boo. Currently, I bought an Hp Laptop running windows 7 April of '11 just as my desktop gave on me. My laptop is a gaming one since I am a big of a computer nerd, so it does pretty good in running my CS 5 suite. But I heart desktops and can't wait to transcend to the Mac world for art and design purposes. (That and the fact that I have wanted a Mac since 8th grade. GEEK ALERT) Thus I am looking to replace my desktop with an Imac and be in design heaven!

IPhone 4s

I know the next gent is coming out but I really would love to get an upgrade to the 4s in white this February. I like IPhone oodles. The apps on there are stupendous and addicting. My phone has quickly become my best friend.

Kindle Fire

This e-reader is calling me to close my books and join the e-crowd. I am a book worm. I can read 1000+ pages in 3 days with a toddler! I have many books, and the library is a frequent hangout for me. I bring many books with me wherever I go, it makes buying a small bag worthless for me. I usually buy bags big enough to hold a good size book. So the idea of carrying around thousands of books at once time in one sleek device is a great thing. I still love the actually feel, smell and look of real books but this reminds me lugging about lots of CDs or just getting an MP3. And you all know who won that battle.

Ipad 2 err ...3

Okay, Apple is rumored to  be slipping up another Ipad...the Ipad, an upgrade to make the peps who snatched up the original Ipad actually want to upgrade. But I got my peepers on the Ipad2. With the release of the Ipad3 we're guaranteed to see a price drop in the 2, that's when I will pounce. Any Ipad will do for me in the end. I don't even have one! I know it will be grand to have one for school, jotting down notes, and more.

I have been doing lots of sketching and drawing lately. So far I love to bits charcoal and my mechanical pencils. I plan on getting some more pencil pastels to try out too, I have used soft pastels and love them too. I want to start doing more figure drawing and live drawing to really get a good start in that I want a studio easel. This will also boost me to start painting more on my own, instead of partnering with a friend like I have been doing.

Many Pretty Dresses

In 2012, I plan to be more into keeping myself "cared for." I realized I am a bit of a low key jeans and T-shirt girl. I like that but what girl doesn't want to doll herself up a little? In 2012, I plan on having fun with clothes. I love thrift shopping and forever 21 is a great place. To spice it up lots and have fun, I plan on taking heart to my lo-cal and checking out thrift stores and Forever 21's in other California cities as I get around California more.

2012 has finally come! Here's to hoping for a good New Year!

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