Thursday, June 16, 2011


Late yesterday afternoon, I made the decision to take my sleepy toddler swimming, thinking it would settle him down. What I forgot was the settling down happens AFTER he gears up into overdrive at the sight of the gallons of water in a hole called a pool. Add to that sleepy = tantrums and I'm not listening! I have no idea why I forgot this. Why did this slip my mind? I've been doing this Mother gig for two years and whatever else it says on my blog ticker says now (if its still there). But I did and I paid. Paid so much by the time I half dragged, half carried my screaming, hitting, and biting toddler out of the pool area my entire body was shaking.
Hayden has this thing about getting out of the pool, standing at the edge and jumping back in as I catch him to keep him from going under and coming back up. Well, I put him by the edge of the pool like always, expecting him to jump back in. Instead he made a beeline for the deep end of the pool. And I'm still in the water! Just looking at my toddler about to jump into the deep end of the pool, luckily some bystander on the side of the pool nabbed the top of his vest just as his one of foot left the edge. I actually stayed for about five long minutes of pulling, fighting, tantrums and another beeline for which I called it quits. My body was shaking so bad, I could have cried at the pool area and even coming home he was still acting up, not wanting to go where I directed him on his push toy. AARh! Sleepy toddlers!
No more swimming alone with Hayden and definitely no swimming when it's really naptime.

This post was supposed to be about the pool incident but in a day Hayden has so many shenanigans, I decided to write about some recent ones. I could have several posts on this little guy doing exactly what he isn't or sneaking about until caught then giving me an eye that makes me think: "Should I melt or stand firm?" Sometimes it seems as if he's playing me like a piano, killing me softly.
Ever since I potty trained Hayden, he's refused ANY thing that covers his nether regions. Yup, no pull ups, no undies, no diapers at night. He is a 2 year old nudist. He has come around to at least letting me put on undies - At least until I'm no longer looking then: "off!" This of course is cool around the house but it has been hindering progress! I have been working on getting down potty training outside. Going when I'm on the run or at a friends or even at night, hard when he wants naked. He has to learn to pull down pants, undies and pee. He doesn't say "pee, pee" or nothing when he goes, just goes up to it and pee. So I have to let him just go nude and break my back chasing him around my coffee table until I wrestle on undies or pull ups. And undies he knows not to pee in but pull ups he thinks are diapers and will wet in them, I have done away with diapers.

Hayden loves raiding the fridge for goodies between meals AND snacks. " There gots to be some candy I can get." This usually happens once I leave a room or am cleaning, he will run into it and bring me juice to pour him, a package to open and fruit (which he is crazy about he will take it over chocolate MISSION ACCOMPLISHED). Overall, it's annoying my fridge is disorganized, I wish to get Hayden fed on a schedule as he will be in school, and I also know he does it because he can! But the kicker is the way he runs when caught or the smile he gives so innocent, so mischievous, he kills me!

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jaguar Paw said...

Hayden sounds like my 2 year old! Very mischievous. Very cute.