Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life in the fast lane

So life has been going a million miles per hour and life has taken over and I have little inspiration to step into the blogging world - I am barely hanging on!
After much fear and even more confusion I picked up a ball of yarn ( no it's not for the cat that I don't have) and some crochet needles checked out a book in crochet and you tubed my life away until I could do a slip knot, a foundation chain, turn a Chain, do a slip stitch, a single stitch and a double stitch. I have just been practicing and memorizing stitches for the most part but I have a few squares and funky unrecognizable patterns. But it's uber fun. I am beside myself in excitement that I am really learning to crochet and knit! Knitting I have been doing shorter I just started last week and can cast on and knit and last night I learned to purl. Which i am happy about because it was intimidating at first but now I can knit fast.
With it finally getting hot and humid enough to choke baby kittens, I have taken Hayden to the pool twice and he is a fish. He can kick and paddle already I even can let him go and he will swim with the help of his vest. I am totally investing in this kid some swimming lessons he loves water!
I am gearing up also for some major toddler crafts, now that Hayden is the King of following direction now and can sit still for more than a minute.

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