Friday, June 3, 2011

And Sickness Becomes Us

Hayden and I have been uber sick. Hayden has been hit with the works: puke, fever, diarrhea, sleepiness. It makes me sad he has to be this sick when others are enjoying our cold Spring weather (trust me cold Spring weather is a God send for the Central Valley) But he has been handling it like a champ. I love age 2- Terrible twos eat your heart out, this is the best most perfect age!
Me, I started with what I hate the most: sore throat, icky! Then I got overcome with a stinkin' cold! I hate being sick. Like really it sux the life out of me that  something can invade my body and make me feel like such crap and that I am so vulnerable to it.
The funny part about this is Hayden is handling it better than I. He has been cuddling with me (awesome!) No, I didn't just say it was awesome that my kid is sick and I enjoy the extra cuddles.  *side eye* Another thing he has been tolerating is the telly and some good books. He has become quite the t.v. person now that he is sick (mainly because he has no energy) he will sit and pay attention to it for longer now. And me reading him 50 jillion books with long narratives. He can talk well so he tells me "T.V., T.V." and hands me the remote and tells me what he wants to watch. He doesn't play too much with his cars but still begs endlessly to go outside and who am I to say "sit, veg in front of the telly no outside." Bad Mia! Nope, I dress him and enjoy the explorer in him. Maybe he will like nature and Earth as much as I do.
Then there's me I am whining and complaining about my cold, I thankfully have no sore throat anymore. YES.  

Putting my webcam to use

So It comes to this

Here to document my sickness

One shoe on, One shoe off

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Bunch of Barrons said...

Oh poor things! We've had pink eye over here this week. Yuck. But hope you are both feeling better asap!