Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have been gone so long it feels outstanding. I looming gap that I have not thought about. I must admit it felt sooo good not blogging. What? I had more time, it was completely different and I had more time to focus only on Hayden and I.

Emotionally lately I have been a nervous reck it's not cool feeling that way, or being as paranoid as I've been lately. Yes, there is reason, reasons I choose not to say but overall. I know I need change, change into something simple, not complex. May has been just a hard month for me as a person, my emotional state, the only thing not affected would be my parenting for Hayden. He has kept me sane and close as possible to the Earth during this time. My best friend thinks its the reality of my Mom leaving town. I don't know, but I do know I've never had an entire MONTH BE so bad.

And in the greater scheme of things, my son had a birthday. Birthday! Birthday! And he is no longer my 1 year old but my cutie pie 2 year old. Terrible twos my tail, I love him at this age I hope he never grows up. This time is too fun too precious, special and unique.

I have little pictures except some from DSLR because I was a genius and washed my Canon Powershot in the washer with my swimming things earlier this month. Nice...I know. Bad bad May.

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