Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend pt1

This weekend didn't even seem like a weekend. My husband worked all day on Saturday in fact I didn't know it was even a Saturday until 4:00pm! I was woken up by my sister and cousin saying that my mom wanted to see Hayden before she left. We spent of the time at my Mom's. It was bittersweet for me seeing my family leave Fresno, I am not even sure when I will see them again. Hard...

Then I put Hayden down for a nap and before I knew it David was home. My mom had a couch that used to belong to David's grandfather and we had to get it and move it over to our place. It looks pretty cool in our living room and now for some reason our looks more homely and less like an empty space.
For weeks now I have been on the look out for Hayden a big boy bed, I simply felt it was time. So when my mom mentioned she would be leaving hers, I decided to take it for Hayden. So Friday night, extremely exhausted and all my husband and I decided to get Hayden's bed up. Hayden helped, he hindered, he jumped relentlessly on the boxspring before we finally go the bed up and in a position I liked. I wanted him with full size bed, he ended up a huge queen size bed that makes him look like a doll when he sleeps in it.
But man was it needed. Hayden loves it so, so much, he plays on it, jumps on it, and on Saturday once we went home he played on it ...and ...fall...asleep. Yup, the big bed gets major points on the Mommy scale, plus now we can lay in bed together and read.

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