Monday, February 22, 2010

My Hayden

Today my little boy turned nine months. Wow is he getting big. A trip to the doctor's office today gave me a weight of 19lbs 4oz and a height of 29 and 1/2 inches, so yeah he is super tall and super skinny. He has completed all milestones expect for walking and today I realized he is getting ready to do just that. Just a couple of days again he would step holding my hands (he's been doing that for months though)but his posture wasn't right and his pose wasn't wide. At seven months he stood without holding onto anything and at 8 he perfected standing alone for longer and longer. But today I held onto only one hand and he was stepping just right with a good straight back and a wide stance. I was so proud my heart swelled. He has taken two or three steps by himself already around 8 months he did that after seeing my best friend's daughter walking.
Hayden never ceases to amaze me. The lastest thing that he has done to amaze me is a pull up. Yeah a pull up. I put him on the floor of our pick up truck between the dash and the front passenger seat. I looked away and when I looked back he was pulling himself up using the dash until his feet felt the seat then he put his feet up on the seat and pulled himself up the rest of the way. Also he can hang on the shower rod and the sink its super cute! Tonight when going to Target he gripped the top of the car door and held himself there without falling I was dying I was going to take a picture but my husband was in a hurry and I couldn't get the camera out. Later though he threw a 2lb weight like it was nothing and at me! I was flabbergassed, but also thought wow he is strong. He always has been that is why he is my superbaby. LOL.

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